Ant Control

When ants are found building a colony in the interior of a home or apartment building, they must generally be dealt with as quickly as possible. They are nearly always on the lookout for food and water. In fact, they will quickly put down a chemical trail once they've found a sweet morsel or two. This chemical trail will attract other ants to the food source. Within just a few hours, hundreds of ants can enter your home or business.

How Ants Invade Your Home

Ants are small enough to fit through minuscule holes in any part of the building. They can move through door cracks, window weaknesses and defunct drainage areas. Older houses may also have problems in attics and basements. Once they are inside the house, ants can begin building colonies underneath floorboards and behind pieces of drywall. In fact, only a small percentage of the ant colony may be visible at any one time. While forager ants are generally prominent in kitchens and bathrooms, the vast majority of the colony will remain out of sight.

Ant Dangers

While ants can present limited health risks, they are especially infamous for ruining large amounts of food. If they make their way into the pantry or refrigerator, most of the stored food will need to be thrown out. Containers that are not completely sealed will nearly always be penetrated.

Professional Pest Control

At Pinpoint Pest Control, we use a number of innovative extermination techniques. Fipronil is a broadly effective insecticide that is applied to target areas in narrow bands. The chemical cannot be detected by ants and is carried back to the hive by foragers. The bait will quickly spread through the colony and eliminate the insects. We are proud to offer our ant control services to Carlsbad and the surrounding towns and cities in North San Diego County. Interested parties should contact Pinpoint for a free price quote.