Bee Control

Honeybee Swarmg

Bees are often found in the garden and are the basic reasons why plants bloom and spread. However, there are times when these insects enter the home and become a threat. Besides common honeybees, African bees are becoming a tremendous problem in parts of California. When bees reproduce, they seek shelter away from the hive. Although usually found in hollow trees, they may enter the home's walls or attic and begin to nest.

Honeybees pose no risk to the home. Unlike other pests, they do not cause structural damage. However, carpenter bees may chew or eat wood. They enter through well-lit holes in roof eaves, decks, window sills, chimneys, or porch ceilings. Bees may cause health concerns as well. Many individuals are allergic to bees and may become seriously sick when stung. This is when it becomes necessary to eradicate the pests.

Plugging up the holes in the wall or ceiling will not work effectively. Bees will look for a new way out and may actually enter the living space of a home through the outlets, vents, or baseboards. Using caustic chemicals may be dangerous as well. The biggest problem comes when bees nest near homes and businesses. They can drive people who are allergic or afraid of bees away.

Some homeowners decide to treat the problem with insecticide dust. However, the safest and smartest way to get rid of bees is hiring a professional exterminator. These experts will know how to locate an infestation and stop the problem in a humane way. This professional will also know how to remove excess honey that has accumulated, which will keep other unwanted pests away.

Bee Removal in North San Diego County

If you live in the North San Diego County area, contact Pinpoint Pest Control. We are a family owned business that has over 40 years experience in the pest control industry. We have a nationally recognized IPM and honeybee instructor on staff. If you are in need of bee control, call us today for a free quote.