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How to Keep Your North County Home Spider-Free All Winter

Are you kidding? We don’t do winter here in North County, but there are some things that you might want to do to prepare for the cooler weather that is ahead. Many of the pests that we must deal with are here from areas where there is a strong winter, and their instincts are to seek shelter … in your home if they can get away with it.

Make sure that the weather stripping is functional under all exterior doors, including the door between your house and the garage. If you have sliding glass doors, inspect the brush at the bottom of the door and adjust it or replace it as needed. This will keep the ground crawling bugs, especially the Hunting Spiders, outside where they belong. 

Speaking of Spiders … This is the season that the Orb Weaving Spiders are at their very largest. These beneficial arachnids catch insects at night on their beautiful, concentric webs; each of which is like a fingerprint that is rebuilt every night in exactly the same pattern, including the anomalies. As long as those webs are not in the pathways Pinpoint recommends that you let them do their work.Orb Weaving Spider

Brown Widow and Black Widow Spiders, along with the Yellow Sac Spiders are not welcome in or around our North County homes. They can bite and they will bite if they are crushed or trapped in your clothing. Your Pinpoint technician knows how to find and destroy biting spiders and he will also sweep down the bulk of their webbing with a specially constructed web broom that we carry with each service call.

In North County, most species of spiders are dependent on ants for their young to survive. If they cannot find enough ants, they have to eat each other, so Pinpoint is especially vigilant about ants as well as spiders every year at this time.

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