Pest Control Del Mar, CA

Honeybee“Where the turf meets the surf” is the evocative motto of Del Mar, a scenic coastal community boasting wonderful amenities like fashionable restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. The marvelous year-round weather is a great backdrop for outdoor activities at the beach, the fairgrounds, and racetrack. The climate also provides an inviting habitat for a multitude of insects, rodents and other pests that do not hibernate over the winter. Because they remain active throughout the year, these pests can invade your home, business or facility at any time.

Residential Pest Control

Termites, cockroaches, rodents and other pests find their way into Del Mar homes all year. While termites compromise the structure of your home, roaches and other pests can place the health of your family and pets at risk. They can contaminate food and countertops with a variety of pathogens, including salmonella and Hantavirus. Rodents gnaw through building materials and wiring, which can start an electrical fire. Wild animals may carry parasites like fleas and ticks. A year-round integrated pest control program can protect your home by eliminating an infestation and preventing one from occurring. We use materials that do not create vapors and have virtually no odor.

Institutional Pest Control

Businesses and institutions need to make a good impression with the public and meet local health regulations. An insect or rodent infestation presents a negative message. It could also result in fines or a loss of revenue. It is difficult to restore a tarnished reputation. No one wants to eat in restaurants or live in an apartment that is experiencing a pest infestation. As a result, institutions should implement an effective pest control program. Our service includes inspections, eradication, exclusion, and sanitation as appropriate to keep your facility pest free. Serving the needs of North County for more than 40 years, Pinpoint can tailor a pest control program that fits the needs of your organization.

Bee Removal Services

Flying from plant to plant, bees harvest pollen and nectar for nutrients and energy. During this process, they help pollinate the plants. In addition to this process, the honeybee produces honey. Although they usually establish hives in the hollow of trees, bees and other stinging insects may build a hive inside your wall or attic as well as under a roof overhang. Carpenter bees can chew through wood. The honey inside a wall can attract other pests. When frightened, bees can swarm and sting. Many individuals are allergic to bee stings and can face life-threatening anaphylaxis shock. As a result, removing a beehive or other stinging insect nests should only be performed by professionals who take adequate safety precautions. Although it may be advantageous to eliminate a wasp, African bee or other stinging insect nests, it is better for the environment to relocate a honeybee hive if possible.

Hire a Professional

A full-service pest control company, Pinpoint has a team of knowledgeable technicians who can identify the pests infesting your property and develop a targeted solution. We know where various pests like to hide and establish their nests or colonies. This enables our crew to use the right low-impact pesticides or natural resources that are safe for your family and pets. If you are a homeowner or facilities manager, give Pinpoint Pest Control a call for a free, no-obligation quote.