Escondido, CA Pest Control Services

Rat a tat tat

Locally owned and operated, Pinpoint Pest Control provides North San Diego County with friendly and reliable pest control services. A family-owned business, Pinpoint understands the importance of safe pest control without sacrificing the quality of it. With this in mind, we strive to use natural methods to treat homes, but when a stronger solution is necessary, we rely on low-impact materials that are safe for your family and pets. No matter what pest you're dealing with, preventive service is the most effective way to keep your property free from pests, and our friendly technicians have the necessary expertise to treat your home in the most natural way possible.

Ant Control

Though tiny and seemingly insignificant, ants can overwhelm a property before you know it. Their miniature size lets them infiltrate your home through cracks and crevices that you may not even see. Once inside a structure, they build widespread colonies and leave scent trails for their companions to follow. Because of their rapid colonization and lingering chemical trails, a few measly ants can turn into a stubborn infestation in a matter of hours, which is why routine pest control is particularly effective against this pest. At Pinpoint Pest Control, we've found Fipronil to be a powerful solution that is applied directly to target areas. Going undetected by ants, this chemical is carried back to their colonies, eliminating them from within.

Bee Control

An essential part of the ecosystem, bees become threats when they create nests nearby or within your home. When reproducing, they congregate in places other than their hives, and many times, they seek shelter within a home's attic or walls. While certain bees are not harmful, African bees pose a terrible threat in California, and carpenter bees can actually damage the infrastructure of your home. In the fight against invasive bees, patching holes, using insecticide dust and other caustic chemicals may be ineffective and even dangerous. For your family's safety, a professional exterminator is the best way to control this pest. With a renowned bee expert on staff, we can safely and efficiently make your bee problem a thing of the past.

Rodent Control

To the dismay of many homeowners, a clean home doesn't necessarily mean a rodent-free home. Whether through your sewer system, walls, roof or garage, mice and rats can easily invade your home, and when comfortable shelter is found, they begin to reproduce at an astounding rate. As for the dangers they pose, food contamination and disease transmission are just two of their more offensive disadvantages. While poison is readily available in stores, it is not recommended for inside use. While rodents may consume the poison and die, they will not go outside to do so, leaving you with a stinky situation on your hands. At Pinpoint, we use safe and secure bait stations that require a key to open. Using these stations and other proven techniques, our friendly technicians can rid your property of rodents and help you enjoy your home again.

Spider Control

In San Diego and the surrounding areas, spiders are common nuisances that have no problem calling your cozy home their own. While wolf spiders and similar creepy crawlers aren't harmful to humans, black widows and brown recluses can be extremely dangerous, causing skin necrosis, vomiting and even death. Hiding in dark places, they often go unseen, but if you ever see one of these creatures, it's best to call a professional immediately. With our commitment to low-impact materials, we'll treat your home with all-natural products. If an insecticide is necessary, we'll choose a low-dose method that is safe for your family.

Flea Control

Catching rides on your furry friends, fleas can enter your home undetected. Once inside, they lay their eggs on virtually everything from your carpet to your curtains. They make their presence known by biting you and your pets, leaving itchy bites that can easily become infected. Unfortunately, they can also spread diseases such as tapeworms and typhus. With over four decades of flea experience, we can rid your home of fleas in a safe manner. Upon a comprehensive inspection of your property, we'll work with you to develop a treatment plan that protects your family from fleas without causing any harm to you or your environment.

For all of your pest control needs, contact Pinpoint Pest Control today for friendly and professional service. Serving San Diego County for over 40 years, we know how to fight local pests and prevent them from returning to your home.