Fallbrook, CA Pest Control

HoneybeeLocated just north of San Diego, Fallbrook is a cozy town that is a bit off the beaten path. The major roads in the area do not go through Fallbrook, which allows the city to maintain the feel of a small town. With lovely weather throughout the year, Fallbrook is best known for its avocado groves. As the "Avocado Capital of the World," delectable plants are not the only natural elements that flourish here. Pests of all sizes and varieties can also be a problem in Fallbrook.

The warm climate supports the avocado groves, but it also attracts insects, rodents and other unseemly pests. Homes, businesses and other buildings are all prone to problems throughout the year. In order to keep pests out, it is important to learn about the pest control services of Pinpoint Pest Control.

Residential Pest Services

Your home is your refuge. It should not be a refuge for pests. Common pests in residential homes include ants, rodents, spiders and fleas. Such infestations should be dealt with swiftly and severely, but it is essential to use pest control treatments that do not limit the livability of your home. That is why Pinpoint Pest Control uses methods that are safe with no vapors. The materials that eradicate the pests will not have an effect on your family because they cannot be absorbed through the skin. This is perfect for families with children and pets. For comprehensive service in your home, consider Pinpoint's Integrated Pest Management. This service includes inspection, identification and removal of any pests in your home.

Institutional Pest Services

Bigger buildings usually have bigger pest problems. That is why Pinpoint Pest Control also offers Integrated Pest Management for institutional clients. This can include cities, schools and water districts. Pinpoint even services homeowner's associations for widespread treatment. During an inspection, trained Pinpoint employees will look for any sign of pest movement. Then, they will work with the client to devise a safe and effective plan of attack. All treatments are tiered, starting with options with the fewest interventions. If problems persist, more extensive treatments will be completed. As an added bonus for institutional clients, Pinpoint can also provide safety instructions for dealing with common pests.

Bee Removal Services

Bees are especially common in Fallbrook, and many pest control companies do not deal with them effectively. While bees are critical to the environment, they can pose a risk to people if they take up residence in or around a building. In some cases, bees may even find their way into your walls or attic, which can lead to serious problems for people inside. Some bees do actually eat wood, leading to structural damage. Even typical honeybees, however, can pose serious health risks. When you call Pinpoint for bee service, we provide treatment that removes the bees safely and humanely. This is the best option for the homeowners or business owners, and it is also the best option for the bees themselves.

These specialized service options are just the start of what Pinpoint Pest Control can do for you. Your home or business in Fallbrook should be safe and secure all year round with no risk from pests. To ensure that this happens, be sure to contact Pinpoint Pest Control to assess and treat any pest concerns right away.