San Marcos, CA Pest Control Services

When your San Marcos, CA home becomes infested with rodents, spiders, ants, fleas, bees or other pests, it pays to act quickly and effectively. As nice as it would be to do it yourself, the truth is that such infestations typically require professional intervention for reliable, long-term relief. When it comes to safe, efficient pest control services in San Marcos and surrounding areas, you can't beat Pinpoint Pest Control.

About Us

Some pest control companies eradicate pests by any means necessary, which often means exposing people and pets to harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals. Pinpoint Pest Control takes a different approach. Serving North San Diego County, our family-owned business employs friendly, professional technicians and relies on integrated pest management, or IPM, which provides a safe, low-impact means of eradicating pests once and for all.

Our Services

Regardless of your pest control needs, Pinpoint Pest Control has you covered. For more than 40 years, we've proudly been providing these and other services:

Ant Control - If you've spotted one ant in your home, it's surely just the tip of the iceberg. Once ants get in, they lay pheromone trails that attract hundreds of others. In no time, they establish colonies in walls, beneath floorboards and elsewhere in the home. Pinpoint Pest Control relies on many eradication methods, including Fipronil, a highly effective insecticide, to eliminate these pests from the home.

Bee Control - Honey bees, African bees and destructive carpenter bees all thrive in the San Diego area. While reproducing, they often seek nesting areas inside warm, dry homes. Sealing entry points isn't enough. We have a honeybee instructor on staff, and our IPM approach means we identify the source of the problem and use the least invasive, lowest impact methods to resolve it.

Rodent Control - Mice, rats and other rodents are small enough to squeeze through incredibly tight spaces. Once a few gain entry, they repopulate so quickly that a home can become overrun in no time. These pests destroy food, damage homes and carry diseases. Eradicating them quickly is of the utmost importance, and you can count on Pinpoint Pest Control to do so in the safest, most humane and most effective way possible.

Spider Control - Spiders can overrun a home with surprising speed. Many species, including brown recluse and black widow spiders, cause physical harm to humans. Ensure a fast, speedy eradication of these potentially dangerous pests by hiring the IPM experts at Pinpoint Pest Control.

Flea Control - Have fleas hitched a ride into your home? Their bites are itchy and can easily become infected. Since they can go without food for long periods of time, they are very difficult to eliminate through do-it-yourself measures. Our technicians not only know how to eliminate existing fleas and their eggs but how to keep them from returning as well.

Pinpoint Pest Control: The Name to Trust for Safe, Effective Pest Control Services

Don't resign yourself to living with pests or subject you and your loved ones to harsh eradication methods. The friendly professionals at Pinpoint Pest Control will safely and effectively eliminate pests from your San Marcos home in no time. Contact us now to learn more or to schedule service.