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5 Most Common Rodents You Can Find in Your Home

A rodent in the home is never a welcomed sight. They are small, fast and can get to just about anywhere in the house. Plus, they can be a little gross. There is a reason people usually screech when they see a rat or mouse in their home. Unfortunately, they are all too common of a pest. But, how do you know what kind of rodents you are dealing with? There are all different types of rodents in the world. However, some appear more often than others. So, let’s take a look at some of the more common ones you may come across in your home.

House Mouse

The house mouse is far and away the most common rodent you will encounter, hence the name. >They have that typical “mouse look” to them with large circular ears, a small nose, and a tail as long as their body. They feed on almost anything, which allows them to survive in a wide array of conditions. A house mouse is not particularly dangerous or harmful, just fast and curious.

Norway Rat

If you’ve ever seen a movie with those big, underground sewer-lurking rats (or encountered one in person), you’ve seen a Norway rat. They are usually 15 to 16 inches long, so they are pretty tough to miss. Since they reproduce at a fast rate, they need a safe and warm location to do so, which can often be your home. Take caution immediately if you find one as they can be a bit dangerous and carry disease.

Deer Mouse

On the smaller side of the rodent family, but still bigger than a house mouse is the deer mouse. These guys are often under a half-foot and are extremely furry. While not commonplace in urban areas, a deer mouse is more likely to be seen in a rural environment such as on a farm, ranch or vacation home.

Roof Rats

Also appropriately named are roof rats, which can be found toward the top of your home. They are climbers who scurry up trees and other tall objects to find food, shelter and reproduce. These rats are also large, similar to the Norway rats, and can chew through barriers to get inside.

Field Mouse

One of the more distinguishable types of rodents is the field mouse. They are very short and stocky in their build with short tails. They can be a wide range of colors and possess an extremely creative ability when it comes to entering the home. A field mouse is not dangerous, just more of a nuisance.


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