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About Raccoons in North County


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roof 2Raccoons are one of North County’s most engaging creatures; especially the inquisitive little masked bandits that beg for food down by the lagoon and at your campground. Most people are not aware of how destructive a mother raccoon can be when she digs through a roof and then has her pups in your attic!

During winter or early in the springtime, a female raccoon will be looking for a den where she can raise her young. If she finds a weakness in an overlapping roof-line or a missing screen, she will move in and set up housekeeping. In an attic, raccoons are extremely destructive and they can be very dangerous while they protect their young. The time to chase one out is before she has a litter. Contact us if you see a raccoon on your roof or under a shed this winter.

Pinpoint Raccoon 3If you have a raised foundation, check your sub area vents and make certain that the access is securely sealed. It is often very difficult to find and remove a family of raccoons from an attic or a sub area. Do not enter any enclosed area with a mother raccoon! It can be very dangerous.

Raccoon control should only be attempted by experienced, licensed trappers. Call us for more information.

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