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Ant Control Myths

Are you trying to eradicate the ant colonies in your yard? Beware that unconventional solutions are practically useless, so they won't produce long-term results. What makes them useless is the fact that they are based on myths. Therefore, you can save yourself headaches by reaching out to a professional pest exterminator. Professionals are specially trained to deliver effective ant control. Here are the top myths that property owners often rely on.

The Boiling Water MythAnt Carrying Leaf

Using boiling water is like putting a small patch on a serious wound. The boiling water will help kill a lot of ants, but it won't stop the colony from expanding. Also, you will have to use this method on a regular basis to keep these critters at bay.

The Cinnamon Myth

For ants, cinnamon is totally unappetizing, so they will try to avoid anything that's covered with cinnamon. However, dumping cinnamon on anthills won't deliver a devastating blow to the colony. Doing this will only cause an even bigger problem because the ants will relocate, and their new home might be closer to yours.

The Oatmeal and Grits Myth

The theory is simple: If you put some oatmeal and grits by the anthills, the ants will eat a portion and explode. Unfortunately, oatmeal and grits aren't on the menu for ants. These critters prefer liquids. Only the larvae can digest solid food. Therefore, don't be wasteful. Feed your family instead of the ants. A professional exterminator from Pinpoint Pest Control will get rid of those annoying ants in the right way.

The Vinegar Myth

Vinegar is just as effective as cinnamon because it also has a repellent effect on ants, so putting this liquid around your home will help impede an ant invasion. Just don't expect these critters to stay away for long. Ants are brazen, clever and resourceful. It's only a matter of time before they find a new way to invade your home or place of business.

The Chalk Myth

With a piece of chalk, draw a line on the ground where the ants usually travel. This line will obscure the ants' pheromones, but it won't do anything to get rid of your ant problem. What you need is a tried-and-true ant control solution.

Myths and Their Pitfalls

Don't get in the habit of asking your neighbor for pest control advice. Myths have led many property owners astray. Since pitfalls surround do-it-yourself methods, it would be in your best interest to report the ant problem to a well-established exterminating company like Pinpoint Pest Control. In the long run, you will save yourself some money, and you will gain the peace of mind that you deserve.

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