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4 Tips to Protect Your Home From Fall Pests

With Autumn right around the corner, homeowners like you have to get ready for a new wave of pests and possible infestations. It’s not pleasant to think about, but keeping unwanted guests out of your home is an issue that must be addressed as the seasons change. To help you prepare, here are four tips to protect your home from fall pests.

Tip #1 - Seal Your Home

Pests don’t need a lot of wiggle room to get inside your home. As the weather begins to turn cold, bugs will try their best to find a new place to stay - and your house is a perfect place for them to set up camp. 

Make sure to install weather strips under all the exterior doors in your home. If you have sliding glass doors, confirm that the bottom brushes are in good condition. If they are worn out, replace them immediately. Check out your house’s corners, foundation, windows and roof for cracks that may need sealing up, and consider using insulation as a method of keeping critters from flocking to your home. 

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Top 5 Things That Attract Ants to Homes and Businesses

Summertime means outdoor picnics, barbecues and time in the pool. Unfortunately, with these outdoor activities comes unwanted pests. They may even follow you indoors. If you have a home or a business, then you no doubt are concerned about keeping it pest-free. Keep reading for the top five things that attract ants to homes and businesses

1. Food Debris

Ants are always looking for a food source. Once they find one, they bring in their colony to help carry out the food. They will keep returning to the source in the hopes of finding more. To prevent ants from returning for more food, properly store all your leftovers. Keep all pet food stored as well. Keep cabinets free of crumbs. Make sure that kitchen floors are swept and cleaned regularly. Keep other living areas free of food debris as well, as ants will travel throughout the home or building looking for any traces of food. 

2. Sugar

Ants are attracted to sweet smells. If they find sticky spills on the floor, for instance, they will gather around them. They are also attracted to sugary treats and sweet foods like apples, grapes and strawberries. Clean spills right away and keep all sugary treats stored. Keep sugar stored in an airtight container. 

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Why Are There Spiders in Your House?

Spiders are one of those pests that just rub some people the wrong way. Maybe it’s the number of legs; maybe it’s the webs they spin. Whatever the reason, spiders are just something we’d rather not find in our homes.

Spiders are one of the most common critters found in houses all over the world. If you have them in your house, then you’re probably wondering how to keep them out. While most solutions aren’t completely foolproof, there are several things you can do to help keep spiders away from your house.


Like many home invaders, spiders are naturally drawn to places that are crowded. The more clutter in your home, the easier it is for them to nest and spin webs. 

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Tips to Prevent Your Pets From Getting Fleas

Getting more sun time is as beneficial for dogs as it is for humans. The problem comes in when they bring home extra friends that will have them scratching through the night. No loving pet parent wants to see their four-legged friend struggle with fleas. Here are some tips for preventing your pets from getting fleas.

Anti-Flea Medication

There are multiple medications specifically for protecting your pets from fleas. These are the easiest way to protect your pet without much work afterward. Flea medicine can be consumed or poured directly on your pet’s skin. The pill helps prevent fleas from your pet while the liquid kills the flea if consumed. The consumed flea medicine can last up to three months for effectiveness. The liquid affects each pet differently by size.  Talk to your veterinarian and find out which medicine is best for your pet. 

Regular Pet Cleaning

Wash your pets and shampoo their fur with special medicine designed to keep fleas away. If you can find some in your area, purchase flea combs to use. Wash your pets regularly to prevent fleas. You also have to make sure your home is clean as well. Common areas like couches and beds need to be cleaned, as do the areas where your pets regularly lounge or sleep.  

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How to Have a Pest-Free Yard This Summer

Bugs and other pests can ruin everything from a game of catch to a backyard barbecue, so you need to be prepared. Fortunately, with a few preparation tips, you can enjoy a pest-free yard this season. 

Which Pests are Most Common?

There are a variety of insects and other pests that can crash your outdoor party. In Southern California, you might have to deal with one or more of the following: 

  • Mosquitoes.
  • Yellowjackets.
  • Ants.
  • Fleas.

Each pest requires different prevention and extermination tactics, so you’ll have to plan accordingly. You may also have to use multiple methods to ensure that your yard stays pest-free. 

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