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Prepare Your Yard For Your July 4 BBQ

If you are planning to host a cookout July 4, you might be wondering what you can do to prevent fleas and ticks from spoiling the fun. Although these pests prefer to target animals, they will gladly feed on a human host if the opportunity presents itself. You will want to learn about the steps that you can take to safeguard yourself and your guests from the danger, but as long as you have a plan in mind, you can reduce the risk and reclaim your yard. The key is to remain proactive and to take action as soon as possible.


Taking a close look at fleas is a good point from which to start for those who want to get the most from their cookout. The small parasites have six legs and can survive for up to 100 days without a host, but they will spend their entire lives on a single host if they can do so. Since these pests can spread diseases, keeping them away from you and your pets is vital if you want to avoid safety hazards. With a quick trip to the store, you can locate several products that can discourage fleas from entering your yard, but you will want to apply the treatment a few days before your cookout takes place.


Ticks are small insects that have eight legs, and you won't want them to visit your home this summer. Since they can survive for three years without a blood meal, they don't need to live on their host. Once a tick is done eating, it will leave the host until it's ready to feed again. Ticks can't jump, so they will sit at the edge of plants and weeds until a suitable host gets within range, and dogs make perfect targets.

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Preventing Ants From Ruining Your Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day is the gateway to summer fun. Picnics, parties and backyard barbecues offer the perfect way to celebrate this important American holiday with family, friends and neighbors. After preparing a mouthwatering spread and planning fun activities for your favorite folks, don't let unwanted visitors intrude on the festivities. Keep ants away with these helpful tips from Pinpoint Pest Control in Oceanside, CA.

Herbal Ant Prevention

Many types of plants help keep ants at bay. Certain potted herbs make pretty table decorations while serving double duty as pest repellents. We may love the smell of mint in teas and candies, for example, but ants find it repugnant. Another herb, tansy, has a fragrance reminiscent of camphor with a touch of rosemary. Its admittedly strong aroma is refreshing to most humans but causes ants to turn the other way. Tansy can be toxic when eaten in large quantities, so place it out of small kids' and pets' reach.

Ant Infestation Control

If you already have an ant colony living on your property, a few easy tricks can keep the infestation temporarily under control. Sprinkle any ant trails with garlic powder, cayenne pepper, or a mixture of dried peppermint and red pepper flakes. Spraying their trails with peppermint oil is also effective. Drive ants away from food sources by placing citrus peels in high-traffic areas and moving compost and trash bins as far from the yard as possible. Prepare for pest-free summer fun next year by planting garlic, common yarrow and other herbal ant repellents around your property. Some gardeners plant garlic in their rose beds to keep the thorny flower plants infestation-free.

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Can a Cockroach Really Survive a Nuclear Fallout?

Anyone who has experienced a cockroach infestation can attest to the critters' remarkable resiliency. Aside from being extremely fast and intelligent, cockroaches can survive for up to a month without food. You've likely heard the urban legend that cockroaches would be the sole survivors of an all-out nuclear war, but can a cockroach really survive the fallout from a nuclear explosion? Fortunately, we don't have much firsthand evidence to go, but we can make an educated guess based on experimental studies and what we know about cockroach anatomy.

Where Does the Legend Come From?

Nuclear fallout is the radioactive material released from a nuclear explosion. The idea that cockroaches could take the place of humans as the predominant species is a product of the fear of nuclear catastrophe that permeated the Cold War era. Following the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, rumors surfaced that the cockroach population continued to thrive. Thus, the legend was born.

Cockroaches vs Nuclear Fallout Experiment

A few years ago, a team of scientists finally tested the theory. They subjected three groups of German cockroaches to three different levels of radioactive metal cobalt 60 for an entire month. Half of the roaches exposed to 1,000 rad, which is enough radiation to kill a human in 10 minutes, were still alive at the end of the experiment. An astonishing 10 percent of the roaches exposed to 10,000 rad, which was the amount released from the Hiroshima bombing, survived the study. None of the roaches exposed to 100,000 rad survived.

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The Dangers of Spiders

Spiders are scary, but only a few are dangerous to humans. In San Diego County, the black widow, brown widow and desert recluse are poisonous. Brown recluses are not found in San Diego County.

Spiders prey on other insects including crickets, ants and flies. Spiders are shy and avoid humans. They live in secluded places and usually hunt at night. However, if threatened, they will bite. If you think you have been bitten by a spider, seek medical attention if unusual symptoms occur.

Black Widows

Black widows are distinctive because of the red hourglass marking on the abdomen of the female. They are web spinners and grow to about ½-inch long. Only the females are poisonous. Black widows mate in the spring and lay egg sacs that can contain up to 250 eggs. Black widows live in secluded spots in and around buildings.

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Why Our Bee Control Practices Are Eco-friendly

Why Our Bee Control Practices Are Eco-friendly

Although bees can be annoying, frightening or even deadly when they take up residence around humans, pest control isn’t just about killing unwanted insects. Responsible pest management solutions must work without causing new problems. At Pinpoint, our eco-friendly approach to North San Diego County bee control serves property owners as well as the environments we all share.

The Drive for Environmental Stewardship

Bees have played vital roles in ecosystems for millions of years. In California, native species pollinate plants that would otherwise perish. In the process, they ensure that crops grow and guarantee food sources for other critical species, including humans and livestock.

Using ecologically friendly, integrated pest control techniques enables us to target individual infestations without harming beneficial bee colonies. As diseases like colony collapse disorder and other problems become more widespread, methods that protect good bees will become critical to preserving our ecosystems and food supplies.

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