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Common Signs of Termites in Your Home

Termites nest in the subsoil, since there they find the humidity and temperature necessary for their survival. They are quiet and do a thorough job. They build galleries through which they reach the wood or cellulose they will use as food. They also do not like light, so they will always try to be hidden from view. This means that they may be attacking your property without you even knowing it.  

So, it is crucial that you periodically inspect your property in an effort to detect them as soon as possible. Here we show you the most common signs of the presence of termites in your home.

Four Major Signs to Know That You Have Termites in Your Home

  • Tunnels or mud roads: Look for tunnels or mud paths on surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, beams, etc.
  • A large amount of soil: Check if there is a large amount of soil accumulated inside the galleries of the affected wood.
  • Winged termites: Look for dark-colored winged termites in spring. 
  • Wood: When you lift wood that was in direct contact with the ground and find termites there, they are likely in your home, too. 

Other Signs That Indicate the Presence of This Pest

Here are some less common signs that you may have termites in your home: 

  • Wood that sounds hollow: Termites consume the wood from the inside out, always leaving a surface layer, if you hit the door frames or beams and they sound hollow, it can be a sign that these insects are present in your house.
  • Doors and windows that do not close properly: This pest moves mud from the center of the colony to give the wood moisture, as that moisture infiltrates the wood swells and no longer fits its threshold.
  • Mud tunnels: When termites have to come to light because they cannot find wood, they build tunnels with mud, saliva and excrement so they can move to other areas without being exposed to light. Look for these tunnels in basements or areas with little movement. If you break any of these small tunnels you will see inside how the termites move and if you look closely you will see how the soldier termites immediately come.
  • Winged termites: These are the ones that create new colonies. They are observed when the weather is hot, usually from August to October to make the population grow. These insects can be confused with winged ants. They are generally seen as large swarms of termites.

Have You Seen These Signs?

If you have seen any of these signs or suspect the presence of termites, contact Pinpoint Full Service Pest Control and request an inspection from our technicians. If you have termites, our experts will recommend the best treatment for your individual situation.


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