Good Bees Vs. Bad Bees


Are there good bees and bad bees? The answer is yes, but it depends on the situation. If you are talking about honey bees pollinating flowers for the benefits of nature, there is no doubt that bees are good. But if you have a nest in or around your home, the answer is that not all bees are bad.

Good Bees

When bees are alone in the wild, they are good. Bees work to pollinate the flowers and trees. They help make the flowers and plants bloom. Through the pollination process, bees produce that sweet honey.

Bad Bees

When you are dealing with stinging insects, you need to approach the situation with caution. Not only do bees sting, but they can also create havoc on your home. Many people do not know how much damage occurs when a nest is in or around your home.

First, when honey or carpenter bees feel threatened, they become aggressive. So if you get too close to the nest or startle the colony, the bees will start to sting to protect themselves and the nest. The sting from a bee is painful and hurts. If you do not have any allergies to bees, you only need to worry about the pain. But if you have allergies to bees, a bee sting can cause a severe reaction that may require hospitalization, or in some cases, cause death.

Second, the property damage caused by bees can become overwhelming. If carpenter bees bore a hole in your home, they are not stopping there. A carpenter bee will create extensive tunnels within the woodwork of your home. Eventually, all the tunnels will create a weakness in your home’s structure. But if you’re dealing with honey bees, you must exercise caution. Many times you will not know the extent of the damage until you have a professional exterminator handle the job. The honey bees will build the nests between the walls and then pack the honeycombs full of nectar. The honey then damages the walls and surrounding areas.

Treating a Bee Problem

No matter how big or small you think your problem is, when it comes to a stinging insect do not try to handle the situation yourself. You should call a professional exterminator to handle the job. A professional exterminator, like Pinpoint Pest Control, will know where to look for the nest and what treatment to use to take care of your problem.

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