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Have A Pest-free Holiday

Have A Pest-free Holiday

As winter approaches in North San Diego County, you may notice more pests in your home. This can be especially distressing around the holidays when you have guests stopping by or family coming to visit. These are some important issues to consider.

Winter Pests In San Diego County

Most of the pests that enter your home during the winter are bugs or rodents normally seen outdoors. These are a few of the most common examples:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Mice
  • Rats

What Attracts Winter Pests

Most of the pests listed above are attracted to food, warmth or both. Ants and cockroaches go indoors in search of holiday crumbs and sugar sprinkles that fall on the floor. Since people often eat more in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms during the holidays, food sources are plentiful for them. Spiders go indoors to feed off of the bugs eating the crumbs. Mice and rats prefer the warmth of closets, attics or other low-traffic areas in comparison with the outdoors. They also like the food spills that are common during the holidays. Ants and roaches can enter through the smallest cracks along doors or windows, and mice can slip through an opening about the size of a quarter. 

Signs Of Pest Problems

If you see ants or roaches, there are more nearby. They usually make their colonies in places that are not reachable or visible to you. These are some common signs of pest problems:

  • Gnawed furniture, chewed food containers, droppings and urine stains are indicative of mice or rats.
  • Webs and egg sacs indicate a spider problem.
  • Food containers with small holes may indicate an ant infestation.

Some types of pests can not only be unsightly and rob you of your peace of mind but can also spread harmful diseases and bacteria. An infestation can ruin your holiday baking plans if it is not properly treated. Do not waste time with DIY methods, which often worsen infestations or only force colonies to other parts of the home. For example, poisoning mice may only cause them to return to their colony behind your wall to die, make your house smell terrible and warrant the need for the wall to be torn down. If you have any type of pest infestation and need it removed promptly and effectively, call Pinpoint Pest Control. We also offer preventative treatments to help you stay ahead of pests. Our substances and methods are approved by the EPA. Call today for a free estimate.

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