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How Clutter Can Attract Pests

Clutter will eventually spring up in just about any home. Most of the time, this occurs in places like basements, closets, attics, and other areas that we use for storage around the house. Since these are places that we keep clothing, furniture, and seasonal items for the home, it is easy for clutter to build up in these areas, not being touched for months at a time.

The downside to having packed storage areas like this in the house is that pests can often be attracted to these spaces. Here are a few of the top reasons that clutter can attract pests in your home.

1) Shelter

Pests love to seek shelter in clutter. They usually nest or hide in dark, cluttered spaces in piles of clothing, boxes, papers, or furniture. Since they typically like to huddle clutter-filled areas of the house that aren’t used by us that often, it can be months or years before we realize that we have a pest infestation.

To keep pests from seeking shelter in the storage spaces of your home, make sure that you pack and organize them as neatly as you can. Pests tend to gravitate to bacteria, so make sure that you clean or wash everything before you put it into storage.

2) Food

Leaving out crumbs or any kind of food source that isn’t contained will most definitely attract pests into your home. Clutter often covers up food debris in your house, which makes it very difficult to clean.

Make sure that you sweep and clean the flooring and shelving in storage areas of your home and your kitchen thoroughly to prevent pests from settling in. Cutting off their food supply is essential for making sure that you get pests out of your home and keep them out.

3) Water

Leaks in your pipes are something that you also need to be aware of if you have a pest problem. Pests need a water source to be able to survive, and it can be hard to spot leaks if you have furniture or clutter covering up leaks and water puddling on your flooring. Take a walk around your house to look for any signs of leaks.

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