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Identifying Different Types of Ticks

Ticks are a mysterious species of pests. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are common in North America. Despite their regularity, these little guys are troublesome regardless of species. They feed off the blood of mammals and can spread diseases. Some ticks are simply annoying to deal with, while others are a bit more dangerous. Here, we will take a look at some of the different types of ticks one may encounter.

Brown Dog Ticks 

Brown dogs ticks are the most common tick species found in North County. Typically found on pets or people, they are known for hanging near the yard of your home. Like most ticks, brown dog ticks run the risk of carrying diseases. If you are bitten by a brown dog tick you should get cleared by a medical professional to make sure you are not infected. 

Soft Ticks

If you have ever seen a bug crawling around that looks like a big brownish raisin, it was likely a Soft Tick. These are common across the western United States as well as parts of Canada. Fortunately, the bite from a soft tick is painless. Still, they are best to avoid and get rid of when found inside of the home. Despite a non-painful bite, Soft Ticks carry tick-borne relapsing fevers. Since the bite is painless, many people are unaware of when they are bitten. If you encounter one, briefly check yourself for signs of a bite. 

Western Blacklegged Tick

The Western Blacklegged Tick somewhat resembles a spider in appearance. Commonly found in California, these ticks have a red body with a black back and legs. Thick woodland areas tend to be where these ticks are found as well as parks with lots of wooden benches or playsets. These guys pack a more painful bite than soft ticks. Additionally, they carry both Lyme disease and different types of tick-borne relapsing fever. 

Pacific Coast Tick 

As the name implies, the Pacific Coast Tick is one of the more common ticks in California. These tend to have a light brown color with black specs across the entire body. The bite from one of these ticks leaves a sizable black dot on the bite area. They also carry diseases, including Colorado tick fever virus, Pacific Coast tick fever and different types of Rickettsia. They are much more dangerous to animals, specifically dogs, cats and cattle than they are to humans. 

Who to Call for Tick Control - Pinpoint Pest Control 

Sometimes, a simple tick problem can turn into an entire infestation of the home. An infestation can be overwhelming, especially for someone who has never dealt with it before. Instead of struggling to get it resolved, trust a team of professionals to get the job done. Pinpoint Full Service Pest Control has been family owned and operated for over 40 years and delivers top-tier pest control services. Contact Pinpoint today to schedule an inspection.


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