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Keeping Pests out of Your Fourth of July Party

If you are looking forward to spending a fun and exciting summer with your friends and family, you are likely wondering what steps you can take to keep pests away from your Fourth of July party. Allowing pests to strike during your event will affect your guests in a negative way, and some of them might feel tempted to leave early. Since nobody wants pests to ruin the party, striving to keep them at bay is critical if you would like to keep everyone happy. You can discourage pests and secure your Fourth of July event without much trouble when you follow a proven path.

Clean Your Yard

A dirty yard makes it easy for pests to strike because they will have many places to hide. Cleaning the clutter from your yard, mowing your grass and removing standing bodies of water will reduce the number of pests that will crash your party. Mosquitoes won't have stagnant water for reproduction, and other pests will leave to find environments more favorable to their survival. If you want to get positive results when you use this step, you must clean your yard several days to a week before you plan to host your event.

Dealing With Bees and Wasps

Not many things will spoil the fun as much as getting stung by a bee or wasp when you are trying to enjoy the day. Pain, itching and skin irritation are the symptoms you can expect if you become the victim of a bee or wasp sting, but those who are allergic to the venom will have an even bigger problem. Cutting off the tops of 2-liter bottles, filling them with sugar water and replacing the top upside down creates the perfect bee and wasp trap. They will smell the tasty treat and want to get inside, but the bottle will trap and drown them.

Bug Spray

The first steps will reduce the pest population and allow you to get the most from your Fourth of July party, but you still need to address the remaining pests. If you want to keep your guests out of harm's way during your party, you must buy bug spray and offer it to anyone who needs it. It's vital you find products that are child-friendly if you expect families to share the fun and good times.

Pinpoint Pest Control

No matter how hard you try to keep pests away from your next Fourth of July event, your effort can't replace the touch of an expert. You can count on Pinpoint Pest Control to treat your yard for bees, mosquitoes, ants and other invaders that could ruin your party, and we will go out of our way to meet your needs. If you are ready to take action so that you won't need to worry about pests taking over your event, contact Pinpoint Pest Control right away.

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