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Key Factors of a Rodent Infestation

Having a rodent infestation can mean as few as five or as many as five hundred. Granted, if you have more than twenty rodents running around your home, you already have a very big problem that is readily visible to Pinpoint exterminators. However, some people can live years in a house without knowing that their attics and walls have many busy and unwanted inhabitants.

There are some key factors of rodent infestation that every exterminator looks for. Before you can even begin a rodent control program, the exterminator has to walk through, around and look into many spaces in your home to determine how serious your rodent problem is. These key factors are as follows.

High Grass and Weeds Around the Property

When you leave your yard au naturel for a long time, that is exactly the kind of ground cover rodents love. It hides them from most predators and allows them to move quickly out in the open. If you have a lot of weeds, brush and/or high grass, this is the first of many areas where our exterminators will look.

Droppings Around the Foundation of Your Home

Depending on the kind of rodent infestation you have (e.g., mouse, vole, rat, etc.) droppings will be oblong and resemble anything from black grains of rice for the smallest pests to raisins for the largest rodent pests. The exterminators are looking not only for droppings, but for openings in and around your foundation where the rodents have been coming inside. If there were already weak spots where siding and insulation were not secure to outside walls or these areas were damaged by storms, then a rodent problem almost always ensues unless the damage or holes are repaired/blocked off.

Food, Lots and Lots of Available Food

Rats are particularly indiscriminate about what they eat. They are scavengers and will eat everything from rotten apple cores to uncooked rice. If there's enough garbage, food in pantries, cupboards and near the floor or on the floors, rats will happily move right in.

It is akin to setting out a buffet and leaving all doors and windows open to invite the rats and other pests inside. Effective rodent control is setting out proper "edible" baits and locking down all food so that rats cannot get into it. The most effective baits for use are the ones used by professional exterminators.

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