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Pest Control for Property Rentals

Pests are an unwelcome addition no matter what type of property they find their way into. As a landlord, you have a responsibility to keep your tenants and property safe. Pests can cause many problems for everyone. They disrupt your current tenants and can reflect poorly on you as a landlord. You need to work together with your tenants to help prevent and eliminate pests.

Who is Responsible for Pest Control?

When it comes to pest control, everyone is responsible:

While building maintenance is primarily the responsibility of the landlord, tenants have to shoulder some of it as well. Tenants are the ones living there and their actions may be attracting pests. If they are leaving food out or failing to take out the trash, they could be expected to pay for pest control. If the tenants' lease agreements state that they are required to clean and maintain the inside of their units, this conclusion is verifiable.

Because you own the property, it is in your best interest to prevent and eliminate pests. They can cause permanent damage to your property and make it unrentable.

Ways to Prevent Pests in Your Rental Property

Working together with your tenants is the best way to avoid pests on your property:

  • Educate your tenants.

Because your tenants occupy the space, they are a great asset to help prevent pests. Whenever new tenants move in, address the issue of pest prevention. Encourage them to clean regularly, put food away in tightly sealed containers, take out the trash, and make sure garbage cans have closed lids. Tell them to let you know about any standing water on the property as well.

  • Visit and inspect your properties.

While encouraging your tenants to notify you of problem areas is a great practice, you should be monitoring your properties regularly. You can look for and fix issues, such as cracks in the foundation or walls and problems with the sump pump.

A professional can help you identify any problem areas on your property. It may be difficult to find them on your own, but a professional is trained to inspect carefully. You can then address these areas to prevent problems. A professional can also treat any infestations and help you maintain a pest-free building going forward.

Concerned about your rental property? Contact Pinpoint Full Service Pest Control today to schedule an inspection.

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