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Prepare Your Yard For Your July 4 BBQ

If you are planning to host a cookout July 4, you might be wondering what you can do to prevent fleas and ticks from spoiling the fun. Although these pests prefer to target animals, they will gladly feed on a human host if the opportunity presents itself. You will want to learn about the steps that you can take to safeguard yourself and your guests from the danger, but as long as you have a plan in mind, you can reduce the risk and reclaim your yard. The key is to remain proactive and to take action as soon as possible.


Taking a close look at fleas is a good point from which to start for those who want to get the most from their cookout. The small parasites have six legs and can survive for up to 100 days without a host, but they will spend their entire lives on a single host if they can do so. Since these pests can spread diseases, keeping them away from you and your pets is vital if you want to avoid safety hazards. With a quick trip to the store, you can locate several products that can discourage fleas from entering your yard, but you will want to apply the treatment a few days before your cookout takes place.


Ticks are small insects that have eight legs, and you won't want them to visit your home this summer. Since they can survive for three years without a blood meal, they don't need to live on their host. Once a tick is done eating, it will leave the host until it's ready to feed again. Ticks can't jump, so they will sit at the edge of plants and weeds until a suitable host gets within range, and dogs make perfect targets.

Why July 4th Attracts Pests

At this point, people often wonder why they are the most likely to encounter fleas July 4, which is understandable. The warm weather creates the ideal environment for these insects, inspiring them to search for hosts. Also, people and animals tend to head outdoors even more during the warm months of summer, giving fleas and ticks plenty of targets from which to choose. Both of these pests can cause skin irritation and other problems that you don't want to overlook, and nothing will ruin your cookout faster than having fleas or ticks bother your guests.

Pinpoint Pest Control

No matter how hard you try, getting rid of fleas and ticks without the right training, knowledge, and equipment is all but impossible. You might be able to reduce the pest population, but you won't be able to eliminate the risk unless you seek help from a professional. If you need a team that won't let you down, call Pinpoint Pest Control right away.

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