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Safeguarding Your Home From Fleas and Ticks

Those of us with pets are more susceptible to fleas and ticks. These pests attach to your pet, which then enters your home. Once the pests are inside, it takes much more effort to get rid of them. You can take some preventative measures to ensure that fleas and ticks do not enter your home.

Flea and Tick Pet Medication

The first step in preventing fleas and ticks from entering your home is stopping them from getting on your pets. There are a couple of different pet medications that can help deter these pests. You will give the medication at the same time every month to keep its effectiveness. One type of medicine is a chewable tablet. Another type is a liquid which you place on the skin of your pet along the back. Another common treatment is a flea and tick collar. The collar contains the medication which soaks into your pet’s skin. You can purchase any of the medications from a pet store or your vet.

If you want to ensure that your pet is flea and tick free, you may want to use a combination of the liquid or chewable tablet and the collar. You will also want to check your pet frequently for fleas and ticks, especially during the peak season.

Protecting Your Yard

The second step in preventing fleas and ticks from invading your home is protecting your yard with flea and tick sprays. These sprays will deter and kill the pests. Just like the medications, the yard sprays will need multiple applications. You may need additional applications if the weather is rainy.

You can find the yard sprays at stores that sell lawn and garden supplies. Make sure you read the directions for the frequency of the applications, as well as the safety instructions for pets and children.

Persistent Flea and Tick Problems

If you are still having problems with fleas and ticks in your yard or home, it is time to contact an expert. Pinpoint Pest Control can provide you with a complete inspection and recommend a treatment plan that is right for you. Contact us at Pinpoint Pest Control today!


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