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Surprising Facts about Roaches

Discovering the presence of household pests is a common occurrence for many homeowners throughout America each year. Whether they are seeking shelter from the colder weather of Fall or Winter or simply after food, pests of various types can take up residence in your home for many reasons. Cockroaches are exceedingly common in the US in a wide variety of locations. Among some of the most hated insects for good reason, cockroaches are troublesome to encounter. However, detecting a cockroach problem is not always an easy task. Let's talk briefly about the reasons why cockroaches are a problem and why they are an intriguing insect to learn about.

Three Surprising Facts about Roaches 

roach plAlthough they are generally disliked and removed from homes quite promptly, roaches have many fascinating traits that can be fun to learn about. Below is a list of three facts about roaches that you may find surprising. 

Roaches Spend 75% of Their Lifespan Sedentary

Did you know that cockroaches spend as much as 75% of their lifespan at rest? You are very unlikely to even see a cockroach during the day due to the fact that they are nocturnal. They spend the entire day at rest and may go scavenging for food or water at night while you're sleeping. Spotting an active cockroach during the daytime is a good indication of a large infestation as this is highly abnormal behavior for them to display.

Roaches Can Run Extremely Fast 

Many people are surprised to learn that roaches can run up to three miles per hour. Baby roaches as young as one day old can run almost as fast as adults. This not only makes roaches very hard to catch or kill, but it also means they can spread bacteria and other germs through your home very quickly.

Roaches Can Live a Week With No Head

If a roach gets decapitated for any reason, it can continue to live without its head for up to a week since they do not rely on their head to breathe. Roaches are extremely resilient creatures. This is great for them and their ability to quickly reproduce in a world that largely hates them. However, it spells trouble for homeowners that are trying to eradicate a roach infestation quickly.

Finding roaches in your home can be very upsetting to your peace of mind. We understand that it is important to you to provide a safe environment free from pests and the bacteria that they can carry along with them. As interesting as roaches may prove to be, they are an unwanted guest that many homeowners want to promptly eradicate. If you are experiencing a roach infestation, please contact us at Pinpoint Pest Control for assistance with this problem right away.

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