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The Best Methods for Storing Food Away From Pests

Pests that invade your home will have a high priority on reaching your food supply and eating it. This is why it’s so important to properly store your food, so pests will have a much harder time getting to it. The following are the best methods for storing food away from pests.

Invest in Plastic Containers

The cardboard boxes that most dry food comes in is fairly easy for pests to break into. Store any dry food such as cereals, rice, crackers and beans in a sealable plastic container. There are plenty of cheap options for plastic containers that will prevent pests from getting into your food.

Keep Your Kitchen Dry

Pests thrive off of environments that are high in moisture. Kitchens are notorious for accumulating moisture in ways that you wouldn’t expect, such as humidity from cooking with heat, leaky refrigerators and sinks. After cleaning up your kitchen, use a dry mop on the floor and wipe off your stoves and sinks to remove any moisture.

Clean Up Any Leftovers

Leaving out leftover food for an extended period of time will attract pests. Store or throw away any leftovers immediately after eating, and regularly empty your garbage bins. Garbage bins that are full of discarded food will certainly be an attractor for pests.

Seal Up Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators may suffer from damage after being used for a long time. Any cracks or holes in your refrigerator are just additional points of entry for pests. Seal up these cracks and holes to prevent pests from entering your refrigerator and spoiling your food.

Place Traps Near Your Food Storage

Different pests require different kinds of traps in order to deal with them properly. Start by figuring out what kind of pests are infesting your property, and set the appropriate traps near your food storage. Make sure that you place these traps out of reach of children or pets to avoid injury.

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