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Tips for Industrial Pest Control

All industrial buildings are different. Each creates different products, offers different services and employs different people. Because of this, there is no one size fits all protocol when it comes to pest control. Keep reading for five helpful pest control tips.

1-Seal Cracks Around the Building

Most industrial buildings are large and therefore it can be difficult to know if you have a pest control issue. You most likely will have unwanted critters coming into your building at some point, but you can still be proactive in keeping your building protected. An effective way to go about this is to make sure that any holes or cracks are repaired and any gaps in the walls, ceilings or around doors and windows are sealed.

2-Keep Entryways Closed

This may seem like an obvious solution, but there may be times when doors are left open for a longer amount of time due to receiving a delivery. Perhaps you leave doors and/or windows open to allow a better circulation of airflow. Unfortunately, this can allow unwanted pests inside. Rather than leaving doors and windows open, look into HVAC systems or fans to increase the flow of air.

3-Look Into Bird Deterrents

Birds are commonly found in industrial buildings, finding new areas to nest under the protection of your roof. Not only can their presence be annoying due to the noise and disruption, but they will also produce waste, proving to be a sanitation issue. This is why it’s important to purchase products that will be a deterrent for birds.

4-Remove Waste

Trash that has been sitting around for a while will give off an unpleasant smell. These smells can attract pests. If it piles up too much, it could overflow outside of the cans or dumpsters, which is unsightly and unsanitary. Make sure that your trash cans and dumpsters are maintained and emptied regularly.

5-Look Into Professional Pest Control

In order to make sure that your building doesn’t have a pest control problem, research for pest control companies that can handle industrial buildings. You will want to know that they will comply with all of the necessary industry regulations. Once you have found the right company, set up regular inspections to ensure your building’s safety.

If you’re looking for industrial pest control, contact Pinpoint Full Service Pest Control. We can help with your institutional inspections, look no further!

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