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Tips to Prevent Your Pets From Getting Fleas

Getting more sun time is as beneficial for dogs as it is for humans. The problem comes in when they bring home extra friends that will have them scratching through the night. No loving pet parent wants to see their four-legged friend struggle with fleas. Here are some tips for preventing your pets from getting fleas.

Anti-Flea Medication

There are multiple medications specifically for protecting your pets from fleas. These are the easiest way to protect your pet without much work afterward. Flea medicine can be consumed or poured directly on your pet’s skin. The pill helps prevent fleas from your pet while the liquid kills the flea if consumed. The consumed flea medicine can last up to three months for effectiveness. The liquid affects each pet differently by size.  Talk to your veterinarian and find out which medicine is best for your pet. 

Regular Pet Cleaning

Wash your pets and shampoo their fur with special medicine designed to keep fleas away. If you can find some in your area, purchase flea combs to use. Wash your pets regularly to prevent fleas. You also have to make sure your home is clean as well. Common areas like couches and beds need to be cleaned, as do the areas where your pets regularly lounge or sleep.  

Limiting Outside Play Time

Limiting your pets’ tme outside will also help to prevent them from getting fleas. Not letting your pet spend as much time outside prevents them from coming in contact with stray animals. This method won’t be the most well-received from your pet, but it will keep it healthy. You don’t have to completely keep your pets from going outside. But if you have a fence or a leash, it will greatly reduce their interactions with strange animals. 

If you believe your pet already has fleas or your home is susceptible to a flea infestation, Pinpoint Full Service Pest Control can help. Contact us as soon as you see your pet scratching too many times in a day. If you’re in our service area, feel free to stop by one of our many locations and walk in for a consultation.

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