Top 5 Things That Attract Ants to Homes and Businesses

Ants in Kitchen

Summertime means outdoor picnics, barbecues and time in the pool. Unfortunately, with these outdoor activities comes unwanted pests. They may even follow you indoors. If you have a home or a business, then you no doubt are concerned about keeping it pest-free. Keep reading for the top five things that attract ants to homes and businesses. 

1. Food Debris

Ants are always looking for a food source. Once they find one, they bring in their colony to help carry out the food. They will keep returning to the source in the hopes of finding more. To prevent ants from returning for more food, properly store all your leftovers. Keep all pet food stored as well. Keep cabinets free of crumbs. Make sure that kitchen floors are swept and cleaned regularly. Keep other living areas free of food debris as well, as ants will travel throughout the home or building looking for any traces of food. 

2. Sugar

Ants are attracted to sweet smells. If they find sticky spills on the floor, for instance, they will gather around them. They are also attracted to sugary treats and sweet foods like apples, grapes and strawberries. Clean spills right away and keep all sugary treats stored. Keep sugar stored in an airtight container. 

3. Stagnant Water

Ants need a water source to establish a colony. If weather conditions have been dry for an extended time, then ants may start looking for a water source within your home or business. If you have leaking pipes anywhere in the building, then ants may discover the stagnant water and gather around the area. 

4. A Place to Nest

All living creatures need a place to call home. Ants will look for a safe and quiet place to nest. It could be either in your basement, in the walls or behind baseboards. Keep an eye out for holes or cracks in your home or business. Once discovered, repair them as soon as possible. 

5. Plants, Bushes and Trees 

If your home or business is surrounded by plants, bushes or trees, then they may be giving ants easy access into the building. Branches or stems can serve as a bridge between outside and inside. If you do have a lot of foliage outside of your home or business, keep it pruned and tidy. 

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