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Why Our Bee Control Practices Are Eco-friendly

Why Our Bee Control Practices Are Eco-friendly

Although bees can be annoying, frightening or even deadly when they take up residence around humans, pest control isn’t just about killing unwanted insects. Responsible pest management solutions must work without causing new problems. At Pinpoint, our eco-friendly approach to North San Diego County bee control serves property owners as well as the environments we all share.

The Drive for Environmental Stewardship

Bees have played vital roles in ecosystems for millions of years. In California, native species pollinate plants that would otherwise perish. In the process, they ensure that crops grow and guarantee food sources for other critical species, including humans and livestock.

Using ecologically friendly, integrated pest control techniques enables us to target individual infestations without harming beneficial bee colonies. As diseases like colony collapse disorder and other problems become more widespread, methods that protect good bees will become critical to preserving our ecosystems and food supplies.

The California Honeybee Problem

Unfortunately, not all bees are benevolent. Since being introduced into the state in 1994, hybrid Africanized honeybees have continued spreading out of control. 

In late 2015, scientists estimated that these problem species accounted for more than 60 percent of all foraging bees in San Diego. In addition to overwhelming native bees, this aggressive strain of insects is known to attack humans in swarms that can cause serious life-threatening reactions. 

Eco-friendly pest control methods may be more effective at removing resilient Africanized bee species. Because our techniques involve comprehensive assessments, they stand a better chance of stopping the spread of infestations. Our well-measured solutions also forego eradication techniques that might just drive dangerous bees to take shelter nearby and repopulate later.

When Do You Need Professional Help?

Safe bee removal also reduces risks to people, pets, children and other vital animals, such as birds and bats. General poisons that are designed to kill bees can have downsides like carcinogenic side effects. Using such substances exposes you and your family to unnecessary health risks. In addition, these chemicals may pollute waterways. 

DIY solutions, like plugging holes where bees enter walls, could make your problems worse by forcing them to enter your living spaces or attack you. In the end, it’s best to call a professional as soon as you suspect that you may have an infestation. 

Effective, Eco-friendly Bee Removal Backed by Experience

Pinpoint experts remove problematic colonies in an environmentally responsible, humane fashion. In the process, we teach property owners about effective techniques and lifestyle choices for preventing future infestations.

By thoroughly inspecting homes and commercial properties, removing accumulated honey and getting rid of existing colonies, we’re able to ensure that humans and bees can coexist in harmony. We possess more than four decades of experience in pest control, and our team includes nationally recognized integrated pest management instructors and honeybee experts. In short, we’re confident that we can make your property more habitable. To learn more, book your complimentary estimate today.

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