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Your Summer Solution to Pesky Ant Invasions

Summer will soon be here in sunny San Diego. With summer comes hot days and ants. The heat has ants clamoring for water sources which evaporate quickly in the dry, warm air. So pesky ants send out patrols to find the best water source. The source usually means your home.

There are many myths about what you should do.

Here are the proper steps to take in protecting your living spaces against invading ants.

Protect Your Borders

Forager ants look for water and tasty treats, and it’s best to stop them at the border. Blocking progress into your home is the first step. Forager ants enter cracks around foundations, doors and windows. Good caulking prevents them from entering. Ants also prefer to travel along pipes and wiring. These avenues are often overlooked when sealing gaps. Make sure you seal the openings around pipes and wires that run in and out of your home.

Ants Are Sugar fiends

Ants are famous for their sweet tooth. Food like honey, syrups and sugar bowls are candy for these pests. Keep these items in airtight containers. Also, the outside of the jars of honey and syrups often have sticky residue from clumsy eaters. Clean all remnants before placing them back in the cupboard.

Contain your pet food as well. Cat and dog food bags don't keep ants out. Storing pet food in airtight cases is all you need to do. Remove any food spilled near the bowl by your furry pals will also frustrate hungry ants.

Bugs and Mulch and Honeydew Bugs

You want to make sure your shrubs and trees are not in contact with your outside walls. Mulch piles should be kept away from your walls and foundations. Plants in contact with your exterior walls are access routes. Mulch and clippings piles are favorite areas for ants to build their nests.

Bait and Insecticides

Most residential baits come in hard or liquid form. You can bait the ants with a mixture of lethal ingredients that they take back to their colony. However, this takes time to do and may not be your best option when you have a dinner party. Cleaning detergent sprays can work well to kill on contact while also removing the pheromone trails that ants leave.

The key to pest control for ants is preparation and staying ahead of the ants. A professional service can provide long-term perimeter control. If you like to learn more about how you can prepare your home against ant invasions, contact PinPoint Pest Control today. They would be happy to answer your concerns and set up a quick appointment.

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