Pest Control Services in Cardiff, CA

residentialCardiff, California, which is also known as Cardiff-by-the-Sea, is located north of San Diego. This coastal community enjoys a trendy urban vibe in a semi-rural setting. Proximity to the coastal waterways and the community's year-round mild weather create ideal conditions for insects, rodents and other pests to breed. Fortunately, we provide specialized pest control services based on the needs of Cardiff residents and business owners. Regardless of whether you have an infestation of insects or furry pests, an institutional need for pest services or require safe bee removal, Pinpoint can provide the highest level of personable and professional pest services.

Residential Pest Services

Coexisting with California pests is often accepted as the price of living near the ocean in spectacular outdoor surroundings, but you don't have to agree to share your life with disease-ridden vermin just to live near great outdoor resources. Mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, mice, rats, and ants generate real health risks for your family, but Pinpoint Pest Control can get control of these pest infestations and prevent new invasions by setting up chemical barriers that are family- and pet-friendly. Residential pest services for Cardiff residents include:

  • Flying Insect Control - we offer bee relocation service, fly control and exterminating services to control mosquitoes proactively. Mosquitoes can carry many viruses and diseases, and even in southern California's dry weather, mosquitoes and gnats remain a problem because they can breed in as little as a teaspoon of standing water.
  • Crawling Bugs - Service plans can control and/or repel ant colonies including carpenter ants that can damage the structure of wood buildings and foundations. Cockroaches are also a major problem in Cardiff's mild-year-round weather.
  • Furry Pests - Residential pest services include controlling mice, rats, gophers, ground squirrels, voles, pigeons and other birds and furry pests.

Institutional Pest Services

The area north of San Diego is home to special water districts, gated communities, schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, tourist accommodations, homeowners' associations and other institutions. Pinpoint offers customized institutional pest services based on your particular needs. These institutional pest services include:

  • Pest removal and relocation service
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and custom-treatment contracts
  • Property inspections
  • Pest control treatments for cooking facilities that comply with all local, state and federal regulations
  • Monitoring and trapping
  • Fumigation service
  • Pest control for exterior grounds

Bee Removal Services

We field a team of eco-friendly professionals who have years of experience in relocating bee colonies in ways that benefit home and business owners and California's agricultural interests. Bees--while essential to the environment and California's farming industry--pose risks to children and people who are allergic to bee stings.

Plants need bees for pollination, but when a colony of bees builds a hive on your property, it can be a danger to your family, friends, and visitors. Children are especially at risk of disturbing a nest of aggressive wasps or hornets. People with allergies risk danger daily when they live near a bee colony, and multiple bee stings from a threatened colony could even prove to be a mortal danger. That's why relocating bees safely and professionally makes good sense and shows responsible stewardship. Pinpoint's bee removal service ensures that the bees will be removed and relocated where they can live in harmony with the land and civilization.

Cardiff offers residents a cosmopolitan environment where many cultures and lifestyles blend and coexist harmoniously and comfortably. However, if you don't want to share your business or home with insects and rodents, call Pinpoint today for a free quote on service. The company's professional pest control team can give you an accurate quote on residential or institutional service and explain how it can relocate bee colonies where they can provide organic and natural farming benefits to California growers.