Encinitas, CA Pest Control

Encinitas is one of the most desirable residential beach cities in Northern San Diego County. Residents enjoy surfing, wading, swimming and fun in the sun. Although the area is a desert-meets-the-sea climate, water that is piped in from other locations keeps the greenery lush and the insect and food supplies plentiful. This creates a perfect environment for several pests. These are three of the most common types of pests in the area.


There are several types of ants in Southern California. Fire ants and harvester ants are both known to sting and be vicious. Their stings deliver venom that can cause allergic reactions or pain for several days. Carpenter ants destroy wood to make their nests, and this can create a costly problem when it is time to replace the wood. There are also Argentine ants, which are known to destroy helpful ant colonies. The result is a flourishing population of insects that destroy your garden or lawn. Smaller ants can get into your home, invade and contaminate your food supply and rob you of your peace of mind.


While the famous brown recluse is not known to exist in the area, several of its relatives are occasionally sighted. Chilean, Arizona and desert recluses have been reported, and their bites can also cause necrotic skin reactions. These spiders prefer dark undisturbed places in dry locations. Black widows are common in Encinitas. They prefer damp locations. You may see them in garbage bins, near trees, around sprinklers or hiding in water spouts outdoors. They also find their way indoors. When these spiders bite, they can cause you to become ill and experience flu-like symptoms. Other types of spiders that are not as harmful can still affect your peace of mind when they invade your home.


Rats, mice, possums and raccoons are all common rodents in Southern California. Some mice can carry hantavirus in their droppings, and it is potentially fatal. The urine of rats may contain listeria, which is also harmful. Rats and mice urinate and drop feces on furniture, in food containers and on carpeting. They create a major sanitation issue that poses health risks for you and your family. Raccoons and possums may take up residence under your porch or near your garbage cans. They look for food remnants. When approached, they may become aggressive. Both pests are known carriers of rabies. If you are bitten, you will need immediate medical attention.

How To Get Rid Of Pests In Encinitas

When you notice any of these invaders or other types of pests, call a professional immediately. Pest populations are hard to remove on your own. Many people attempt to use chemical cocktails or other dangerous methods that hurt them, their family members or their property. Professionals know which methods and substances are right for each type of pest infestation. Treatments often vary depending on the type of pest, the location of the infestation and the severity of the problem.

Let our professionals inspect your home for a pest problem and suggest a personalized treatment plan. We can help you save money in the future by setting up regular preventative treatments as well. To learn more, please contact Pinpoint Pest Control today.