Flea Control

Cat flea full of human blood

Pinpoint Can End Your Flea Problems

Fleas are everywhere, and North San Diego County is no exception. They're natural acrobats that can leap 4 feet off the floor. They live in the grass until a nice, warm host walks past them, which is when they jump up and burrow into the animal's hair or fur. They lay many eggs, spread quickly, and hop from animal to animal, including humans. If you have a few pets, they'll usually all have the fleas at the same time.

Once fleas enter a home on your pet, they move from host to host and lay their eggs in the carpet and even in the curtains. They drink blood when they're hungry, and they can go without food for a long while. Flea bites itch and can become infected. Fleas are also known to spread diseases like typhus, tapeworms, cat scratch fever and even bubonic plague.

We've been dealing with flea infestations at Pinpoint Pest Control for over 40 years. Our family-run business is very careful when we deal with nuisances like fleas. We don't use strong insecticides. We employ the least offensive type of treatment possible to solve the problem. Our treatments are safe for kids and pets. We also use an Integrated Pest Management system (IPM) that includes the following.

  • A thorough inspection of your premises
  • Identification of the extent of your flea infestation
  • Employing biological or natural controls whenever possible
  • Using "low-impact" pesticides if necessary

Don't endure the misery of a flea infestation. Pinpoint Pest Control serves the entire North County, including Carlsbad, Encinitas, & Oceanside. We can put an end to your flea problems rapidly and safely. Give us a call for a free estimate.