Pest Control Leucadia, CA

HoneybeeLeucadia, a beach community in Encinitas, California, is known for gracious living. It’s a thriving community where surfing roots, upscale housing, fine dining, and boutiques can be seen on every corner. Through the many changes seen in this community over the years, one thing remains. Leucadia has spunk. In fact, the town motto is,”Keep Leucadia Funky.” A lot goes into keeping this trendy neighborhood popular, including proper pest control. Living at the beach requires homeowners to stay on top of their game.

Pests in Leucadia

Mosquitoes - Dozens of mosquito species live in the Leucadia area. They are attracted to stagnant water, including storm, drains, potted plants, ponds and marshes, and they carry potentially deadly diseases, like Zika and West Nile. Proper pest control and lawn maintenance can curb the mosquito population that can otherwise put a damper on backyard entertaining.

Palmetto Bugs and Cockroaches - A Palmetto bug is a unique type of cockroach that can fly, cause allergic reactions to those who come into contact with its execrations, chew on fabric and paper items and leave unsightly droppings around your home. They even leave a musty smell in the area. Thankfully, a regular pest control maintenance schedule can eliminate these unsightly bugs from your home.

Ants - Ants are small but mighty destructive. Not only can they destroy landscaping, get into pantries and invade pet bowls. Some types of ants are known to sting and cause painful blisters. You’ll notice an immediate difference after one visit from Pinpoint Pest Control.

Termites - These small, winged insects resemble ants, but they do even more damage. When left untreated, termites are capable of structural damage. Pinpoint pest control professionals will implement a treatment plan and assess your home to decrease the likelihood of reinfestation.

Lizards - Most lizards are harmless, but who needs a scaly roommate that contributes nothing to household expenses and may carry salmonella? These little pests can squeeze through small holes in a window screen, vent, and caulk. Often, they’ll simply walk through the front door like they own the place. Fortunately, Pinpoint Pest Control can trap lizards and help you locate potential areas of entry.

Rodents - Rodents love living at the beach. Water access and human garbage left on the shore are two things that attract beach rodents. Pest control companies like Pinpoint offer a variety of ways to eliminate and deter rodents. We will work with your unique requirements to find the best solution.

Residential Pest Services

Our materials are safe for humans and pets and do not affect those with breathing issues. Homeowners can choose a tailor-made treatment plan that includes inspection, pest identification, sanitation, rodent exclusion, and the safest treatments available on the market.

Institutional Pest Services

Pinpoint works with schools, cities, homeowner’s associations and water districts to provide inspection, identification of pests, sanitation and rodent exclusion, biological controls and safe chemicals to cause the least amount of effect on humans and animals.

Bee Removal Services

Humane bee removal can be difficult to find, and their stings may bring deadly reactions for some. Fortunately, Pinpoint has trained specialists on hand to quickly remove a colony of bees from your home or business. We also handle wasps. Call for a free quote for your home or business. Pinpoint can solve any pest control issue you may have.