Oceanside, CA Pest Control

Oceanside residents enjoy the pleasantly mild climate of Northern San Diego County. The close proximity to the ocean makes the area even more desirable. Although this portion of the state is known as a desert, the plentiful water from other sources that waters the landscaping of businesses and homes creates a nice environment for several pests. Since this makes food plentiful, ants are an especially problematic pest.

Types Of Ants In Oceanside

You may see several variations of ants. There are tiny ants that are mostly harmless to your health. Excessive bites can lead to itchiness, and you may develop a secondary skin infection from scratching the bites. Small black ants and odorous house ants are known to invade your food supply. They find crumbs, poorly sealed containers and fresh fruit to eat. While they destroy peace of mind for homeowners, they can destroy the reputation of a business owner if disgusted customers write bad reviews.

Fire ants are also common in the area. You may encounter them while gardening. They usually build mounds. Fire ants have painful stings with venom, and they are known to bite repeatedly. Another ant that may look similar is the harvester ant. While they are more common in higher elevations, they are still spotted in Northern San Diego County. Harvester ants also have painful stings with venom. With both of these types of ants, you may need medical care if you have an allergic reaction to the venom. The bites are still painful for several days even if you do not have an allergic reaction.

Carpenter ants are common in the area. They are larger and destroy wood. These ants build tunnel-like colonies in the wood. You may notice their presence when you find eaves or wood in your garage with rough bubble-like lines. Carpenter ants can be an expensive problem if they destroy wood that is costly to replace. When they start destroying your eaves, it is easier for moisture to saturate the wood. If the wood becomes wet and rots, then you also have to start worrying about termites.

Another type of ant that was introduced to California in recent years is the Argentine ant. Although it is not as big of a threat to your health, it is a threat to helpful ants in your garden and yard. When helpful ant populations are normal and stay outdoors where they belong, they feed off of several insects that otherwise destroy your greenery and garden. When Argentine ants take over, they destroy the the helpful ant colonies quickly.

How To Remove And Prevent Ants In Oceanside

Never try to use poison or other harmful DIY ant removal methods. Some of the non-toxic natural methods listed online are not effective. The best and easiest way to deal with any type of ant problem is to call a professional. Only a professional has the most effective methods that yield the least amount of harm to you, your family members or your customers.

At Pinpoint Pest Control, we have been handling ant infestations for years. We can also remove other types of problematic pests promptly and effectively. Ask about our preventative treatments to keep ants and other pests away. Please call us today for more information.