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Pest Control Products, Techniques, Practices and Safety Issues

If you chose to do your own applications, use pesticides safely

1. Check label directions and safety recommendations every time you use pesticides.

2. Keep all pesticides in their original, labeled containers away from children and animals.

3. Store insecticides where they cannot be mistaken for food or cleaning products.

4. Put away or carefully cover all toys, foods, dishes, and utensils before treatments.

5. Keep people and animals away from areas that are being treated.

6. Wear proper safety gear and avoid unnecessary exposure when using pesticides.

7. Do not smoke, eat, or drink when you are working with pesticides.

8. Wash hands and face thoroughly with soap and water after using pesticides.

9. Launder contaminated clothing separately.

10. Contain all spills and report them to the proper authorities.

11. Empty pesticide containers should be triple rinsed, puncture, and disposed of safely in the trash. Do not

      leave them where children or animals can get to them or where they might be re-used for other reasons.

12. If poisoning occurs, seek medical care immediately. Save the pesticide label to show your doctor.

13. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available from the manufacturers of all commercially available


14. Be skeptical about electronic pest control devices and other unconventional pest management materials

     that are sold over the internet or at swap meets. Most of them are either unsafe or ineffective.

References to pest control techniques, products, and materials by Pinpoint Pest Control Co. Inc are for your convenience and are not an endorsement of one material or method over other similar products and practices. Pesticide labels are legal documents and the user is responsible for using pesticides according to the manufacturer's current label directions. Pinpoint recommends that you follow label directions exactly to protect the environment and people from pesticide exposure. Failure to do so violates the law.