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Tips & Resources


1.  Treat for Whiteflies before they can get established. Try the soap

     & water solution for citrus and a systemic in the soil for Hibiscus.

2.  Reduce the snail population before they attract rats and mice to

     your home.

3.  Do not allow bird nests on the house or patio … prevent biting mite problems.

4.  Be aware of standing water anywhere on the property to prevent mosquitoes and Oriental cockroaches breeding on campus … not a good idea.


1. Ants are the basic food source for many other pests, like spiders, earwigs, scorpions, centipedes, and crickets.

     Keep the ants down this summer and you will have fewer problems this fall and winter.

2.  Paper wasps and mud-daubers can be controlled by treating and removing the nests at night while the nest

     builders are present.

3.  Trim vegetation away from the structure to make it harder for vermin to nest on or near the buildings.


1.  Orb Weaving Spider are at their largest right now. Try to encourage them in the garden, but keep them off of the


2.  Check for possible places where rats and mice can get into the garage, attic, and house when the weather gets


3.  Renew the weather strips under all exterior doors … including the garage. Sliding glass door bottom brushes

     should be replaced as needed. The spider and earwigs are coming!

4.  Do another thorough snail sweep before winter gets here.


1.  Are you kidding? We don’t do winter here in North County! Ants are much harder to control when it gets cold … so

     plan on using a lot of bait if they show up.

2. Rats and mice move in this time of year also. You can get an inspection from us at

     www.pinpointpestcontrol.com or you can get a free inspection from the County Ag. Department at


3.  Do not allow any standing water anywhere on the property or you will have mosquitoes and oriental cockroaches breeding on campus … not a good idea.

Kitchen, Bathrooms, Laundry area, and Wet bars:

1.  If you have any drains that are not being used at least once a week you will have a direct opening into the sewer

     right inside your house. This will bring drain flies, odors, and other bug problems inside. Simply put a little

     water down the unused drains at least once a week.

2.  The other big problem with sinks is leaks that allow cockroaches to breed in your house. Here is how you

     can check your sink:

    a.  Clear out everything under the sink and put down some paper to check for leaks.

    b.  Plug the sink and then fill it (both sides) to the top with both warm and cold water.

    c.  While it is filling check for leaks in the pipes underneath; especially at the back of the sink basin, and on top

         of the counter also.

    d.  Now it is time to check the drain pipes. Empty (both sides) the sink while monitoring the drain pipes

         underneath. If you have a disposal, run it also.

    e.  Repair any leaks BEFORE any pest control measures are taken.